In Naikare, as proper book lovers, you can find books and notebooks of our own making.

You can find handmade albums and books made in different sizes and colors, with different types of bindings: Coptic, Japanese, visible stitching, leather, etc. and with different types of papers, so that you can start filling them with your ideas, your dreams, your trips, your memories… Or to make an exclusive gift to that special person who has earned a little corner in your heart.

We make sure our books are special for their paper and/or for their binding. Of quality and original. Big and small ones. Plain and patterned.

A new project needs an exclusive notebook that inspires by its touch and its color. Because we know that when you want to write something, you want it in a unique place. Like your words.

The charm of the craftsmanship, the unique piece, the work done with time and care… you have all of this in each of Naikare’s books and albums. Check out some examples!