Sometimes it is difficult to start a project. The transition between the idea you have in mind and making it happen with your hands is usually not easy.

I have been in this situation and I want to help you. I want to accompany you on your learning path and be able to solve with you those doubts you have and do not know who to ask. Therefore, consultancy time is dedicated exclusively to you. Only you. So that you can tell me about your projects and together we can find a solution and form to all those things that you do not stop thinking about.

Sounds good, no?

Well, booking is even easier: do you see the form below? Well, I’ll need you to leave me your email and explain your case to me. I want to be able to help you well and that implies that I am going to invest some time in researching, creating quick solutions for you and offering you various options. Similarly, if I see that I cannot advise you or that your project requires information of another discipline that I cannot provide, I will also let you know before making any appointment: both my time and yours are important and honesty has to come first!

I will also need to know what hours you would have available.

As soon as you have this information, we will arrange schedules and make an appointment. As simple as that!

The consultancies can be in person or online.


30 minutesOne hour
25 €40 €

What can I help you with?