Three-hour bookbinding workshops to learn bookbindings that you can repeat at home without the need for large machinery.

In our workshops you can find, for example, visible seams bindings with which you can “dress” your writings or your thoughts. Or coptic bindings where you can keep your drawings and your works. Or rustic bindings that you simply want to give away, unleashing your creativity… and all in one sitting.

Although Naikare specializes in the book, we will also organize other workshops to explore other fields with the help of invited experts, such as calligraphy, restoration or illustration workshops.

The groups will always be small, so that the attention you receive is personalized and you can get the most out of the workshop.

Naikare provides the material and lends you the tools. And if you’re curious to see what they look like, take a look at the gallery!


It’s very easy:
1) Fill in the registration form that will appear within each workshop. 2) In the same form, mark how you want to pay for the the workshop. If you choose bank transfer, you will receive the bank details by email. If you choose a credit card, you can do it from the same page. 3) Done! Or go directly to Contact and send me an email of the form that you will see.
Of course! If you prefer, come to the shop at Calle Roger de Flor, 142 in Barcelona and do everything in person.
If you choose the option of making the payment by bank transfer, you have 1 week or up to 3 days before the workshop date, whichever occurs before. If the term runs out, your registration will be canceled.
If you still have not made the payment to confirm your spot, we can cancel your registration without problem. If, on the other hand, you have already made the payment of the registration to the workshop and you could not come to the end, do not worry. You can use it for another workshop or exchange that money for products from the store. In both cases, to proceed please contact us.
The “booking” procedure is the same as that of “reserving” your place. That is, the payment entitles you to a place in the workshop. Therefore, you only have to find the workshop that interests you and make the payment. If in the end you couldn’t come, don’t worry. You can use the payment for another workshop or exchange the money for products from the store.
As long as there are vacancies, there should be no problem. Contact us and we’ll talk about it!
It depends on the workshop. If I teach it myself, it is very likely that I will repeat it on another occasion. If it is taught by another person, it will depend on the availability of that person.
It will depend on the workshop. As a general rule, the price of the workshop includes the material, but it is possible that, due to the characteristics of the workshop or its specialty, you need to bring some material. Don’t worry, because if that were the case, it would already be explained in the workshop information. The small tools that are needed will be lent by Naikare to carry out the workshop. But if you already have yours, you can bring them.

More questions?